Land of the Risen King

A 5-day Video Journey through a World

that will change your Life. Updated for COVID-19.

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Sneak Preview of the Training

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DAY #1

Call to Adventure

Duration: 16:37

In this first lesson, you will enter a territory that may be familiar to you: That of knowing that your life needs to change, and exploring all the fear and excitement that comes up as you start the process.

DAY #2

Reclaiming lost Innocence

Duration: 14:36

In this counter-intuitive lesson, you will learn more about the sacrifice most men make in their attempts to be strong and competent. When you understand this, you may cry.

DAY #3

Underworld Journeys

Duration: 17:29

In Lesson #3, we explore the challenging journey into the Underworld, where your present identity crumbles and a new one is born. This is your death & rebirth.

DAY #4

Temple of Unification

Duration: 17:42

In Lesson #4, you will learn about the conflict that lives inside most of us Men between Power and Love. You'll also be guided to a place where you can go to reconcile the two.

DAY #5

Land of the Risen King

Duration: 15:50

Finally, Reclaim your Inner Throne founder Eivind F. Skjellum wraps up what you have seen and experienced, and suggests paths for further growth and exploration.


YES, this whole training is our gift to you. I hope it serves you well, and that it inspires you to take your next important steps in this life. For this is the life you have.


It's time to LIVE IT! :)

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