The Inner Throne Academy presents

6 weeks to discover the lost archetypal codes of masculinity & reclaim the dignity of true manhood.

It's a wild, confusing and exhilarating time to be a man.

Our tried and proven paths to lives of meaning are collapsing; the ground is dissolving under our feet.

And amidst the chaos, you may ask yourself some questions:

– Will my job be made redundant by robotics and AI?

– Will I survive if I follow my dream to leave my job?

– Will I be able to support myself and my loved ones? 💸

– Will the "gender wars" ruin my love, family and sex life? 💔

– Will I have the courage to speak the truth? 💪

– What will happen to our planet? 🌍

– Will I ever find my true purpose? 👑

Do you know what I'm talking about, Brother?

In fact, you *probably do*. In fact, you are probably asking yourself questions at much deeper levels than ever these days.

(And if not, I apologize. This message is not for you.)

– What does it mean to be a man in this new world?

– Why are so many women angry with men?

– Why is everything and everyone polarizing?

– Why are our leaders seemingly intent to destroy our freedoms?

Maybe you feel a bit like this guy:

But here's some good news for you: Challenging times such as these are never the end. The very fact that you're reading these words is proof of that.

In years gone by, courageous men stepped into the arena, offered their gifts and committed their hearts to the betterment of humanity, so that you can sit here in relative comfort today.

In other words, challenging times are times of heroes.

I'm not necessarily talking about action-heroes here; hardened warriors who slay the monsters Hercules-style ⚔️.

(That is a heroic ideal for a different time)

I'm talking about ordinary folks like you and me who step out of the familiar to face – not slay – their dragons 🐉 and discover the healing elixir in the dark places.

Eivind F. Skjellum

Men's Work leader and Visionary

My name is Eivind F. Skjellum and I'm about to share something with you that helped me get my life on track.

Prior to this, I was quite a mess: Depressed, afraid of the things which lived in me, several times contemplating suicide.

Now, many years later, I make my living transforming the lives of men all over the world and am loving every moment of it.

My life is not perfect, but it's pretty damned good; I have earned respect for my work, am engaged to an incredible woman, love what I do for a living, and am plugged into an international network of amazing people who are working to heal this world.

The work I've done to expose the secrets I'm about to share with you has created ripple effects throughout the world, making it a better place for thousands of people.

It's been very rewarding.

I have come to see that many men I meet wish they had my deep sense of purpose in their own lives. Maybe you do as well.

And you can.

So let's get real here for a moment: Do you want to use this chaotic time as an opportunity to step up and give your gifts to the world?

Yeah, I know it's scary. But deep down, would you like to?

If you do, and I hope so, you probably ask yourself HOW?

Changing your life around requires enormous courage.

Courage that most men don't have.

Though if it's time for you to stop wasting your time, and become clear about who you are and where you are going, this training may be just what you are looking for.

Ultimate Intro to Masculine Archetypes has given me Revelation after Revelation that have improved my life, business and relationships. It's been massively empowering for me.

Brian Roes


So if you don't mind, let me ask you a few questions:

Would you like to not only understand what is going on in the world, but to understand your place in it?

Would you like to find confidence and know yourself so deeply that you find your true place in the global tribe of humanity?

Would you like to get up in the morning, feeling excited to start your day, on purpose and with clear direction?

Would you like to develop a relationship with yourself and the world that makes you so in demand that you become bulletproof in the face of the coming robotics revolution?

If you're a HELL YEAH to all that, I want to introduce you to something very special, something which helped me sort out those things in my own life.

So without further ado, let me introduce..

The Ultimate Intro to Masculine Archetypes

A 6-week online training from Eivind F. Skjellum,

creator of Reclaim your Inner Throne

My new training, Ultimate Intro to Masculine Archetypes, has been cooking inside of me for a long time and I'm dead pleased that the time is here to finally tell you about it! 😃

Why did I make this training?

Let me give you some context: I'm an ordinary Norwegian bloke with a not-so-ordinary gift: I know how to radically and permanently transform the lives of men for the better.🧙👑

In 2014, I founded Reclaim your Inner Throne, inspired by the brilliance of Moore & Gillette (originators of the King, Warrior, Magician, Lover system).

It has since become an internationally acclaimed 3-month initiation for men, and more than 100 men have been through it, with astounding results (wouldn't be possible without my stellar team of course leaders of course).

I *love* what I do.

Yet for the past several years, I have felt a building frustration that my and our work isn't reaching enough men like you. You see, our flagship Reclaim your Inner Throne-training is very time and energy-consuming to run. So our reach is limited.

Yet my goal, and the goal of my team, is to help one million men become Evolutionary Entrepreneurs by year 2050, and to do that, we need *thousands* of men to taste the power of this work right now (for we believe the KWML framework is central in helping men become the leaders and entrepreneurs the world needs).

But I didn't know how to make it happen.

So my team and I have been talking and asking ourselves some big questions: How can we get this powerful work to more men?

How can we help men such as you (yes YOU)have access to powerful transformational tools for cheaps.

With this training, we have found the answer.


For 10+ years now, Reclaim your Inner Throne Founder Eivind F. Skjellum has innovated the field of archetypal men's work, and has over the last several years contributed his own unique models and teachings to it.

Having worked directly with hundreds of men across the world, and inspired 1000s more, to create better and more empowered lives, this training is his first foray into a "mass market" format.

We are honored that you are interested in taking part in our movement, and trust this training will bring you a lot of insight, inspiration & growth.

​So, would you like to know what's in the training?

I thought so. It's time for a...

Overview of the Training

Sneak Peek

  • Six weeks of inspiring content

Multiple weekly lessons diving deep into the King, Warrior, Magician, Lover archetypes. Features history lessons, theory , references to the movies and integration practices.

  • Integration practices

The training encourages you to familiarize yourself with the archetypes in an embodied way in your daily life.

  • Unique Insights found nowhere else

This work features further developments on the brilliant work of Robert Moore & Douglas Gillette, originators of the system. It took me more than a decade to discover them and they may change your life.

  • High quality videos and PDFs

Beautifully produced content will guide you through this journey deep into yourself and your masculine potentials.

Tour of the Training

Week by Week

Week #1

Introduction to Archetypes

  • The Lineage of Archetypal Psychology

In this week, you'll meet some of the Greats of the disciplines of Philosophy & Psychology. They're worthy of your time.

  • Archetypal Concepts

Learn the Lexicon that will deliver you into whole new realms of understanding.

  • KWML Foundations

Your introduction to the King, Warrior, Magician, Lover archetypes which will bring you into a whole new level of wholeness and understanding.

Week #2

The Warrior Archetype

  • Service to a Cause

Discover how your authentic power only opens up in you when you encounter the vision of the good King.

  • Health & Vitality

Discover more about how to access the Warrior archetype to improve your health.

  • The Gender Wars

Understand why so many Women are right now furious with men, and what to do about it in your life.

Week #3

The Lover Archetype

  • Perceiving Beauty

When your life feels dry, the Lover will get your juices flowing once again. Some simple practices will show you how.

  • Connection

Discover a whole new level of depth in your connections when you access the Lover.

  • The Arc of Polarity

Understand the paradoxical dance between Warrior & Lover. Transform it from aggressive war to passionate tango.

Week #4

The Magician Archetype

  • Transformation

Discover the challenging & beautiful alchemy of Magician initiation, and what it can do for your life.

  • Mapmaking

Discover how this archetype helps you observe phenomena from afar, and then map them out for all to see.

  • Bridging Worlds

Learn how, when the Magician archetype is strong in you, you are meant to build bridges between opposites.

Week #5

The King Archetype

  • Vision

From his position of altitude, close to the Creator, the King is the one who sees far. To tap into this archetype, find a Vision.

  • Wholeness

As the Magician brings the exiled parts of your psyche to the King's throne room, triggering ceases in your life, and you become whole. Learn more about this.

  • Blessing

Through his unique capacity of seeing, the King sees through our defenses and fears, and blesses our true nature. Discover this gift in your life.

Week #6

KWML in Daily Life

  • A Day of Archetypes

Get clarity on how the archetypes activate at different times of the day, so that you can life your best life.

  • Inferior & Superior archetypes

As a man, you need access to all four archetypes, but one or two of them will likely dominate in your life purpose. Discover which ones here.

  • Becoming Bulletproof

Discover the future of work, and how you can come to adapt to & create it right now.

Archetypes & Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur, this training helps you see where you need to grow.

You will discover how the Magician archetype helps you detect if people are honest in negotiations and if your business plan will work.

You will discover how the King archetype will help you with creating a generative vision, that heals and wholes the planet, and how to bless those you lead.

You will discover how the Lover archetype can help you empathize with and understand your clients and colleagues/employees.

You will discover how the Warrior will help you implement on it all, with discipline, focus and commitment.

Only a few of these aspects are explicitly covered, yet this has been the experience of many entrepreneurs already. I bet it will be yours too.

*Don't* join this training if:

  • You are unwilling to set aside 2-3 hours a week for the course work
  • You are looking for a quick fix
  • You don't like mythological narratives
  • You don't want to face hidden and repressed parts of you ​
  • You have a tendency of identifying as a victim in your work with people

*Do* join this training if:

  • You are eager to tap into the power of the Archetypal framework and use it to increase your self-awareness
  • You are prepared to do 2-3 hours of course work per week
  • You enjoy myths
  • You are willing to face yourself
  • You want an affordable introduction to the powerful Reclaim your Inner Throne work

Knowing that, are you ready

to take the leap?

"What does it cost," you may ask?

Access to the power within this training used to be available only on our premium Reclaim your Inner Throne Initiation.

As that is an investment of up to $3749, we wanted to create something way more accessible for you.

We wanted it to be so affordable that money is no excuse!



Then, let's stop the hype and get to it! 😄

Yes please, I want to register for

The Ultimate Intro to Masculine Archetypes



Close-up of Course Content

Let's review this one more time

  • 6 weeks of Course Material

Through the 6 weeks of your training you will experience Week #1: Introduction to Archetypes, Week #2: The Warrior Archetype, Week #3: The Lover Archetype, Week #4: The Magician Archetype, Week #5: The King Archetype, Week #6: Integration & Future Pacing.

  • 35 Teaching Videos

In the powerful teaching videos (that have a combined run time of 7 hours), we will go into GREAT depth describing not only the archetypal theory, but the various people of history who were instrumental in revealing these insights, and powerful and pragmatic ways for you to integrate what you learn in your life.

  • Simple, accessible and powerful Integration Practices

To ensure that your learning happens in all dimensions of life, you will also be given weekly and daily integration practices, to deepen your embodiment of the archetypal theory.

  • Powerful PDF support Documents

To ensure you get to go extra deep with the training, we have added various PDF files for your enjoyment, that men have taken great benefit from.

  • Lifetime access

You will have access to the course content for the rest of your life, including any improvements that we make on it over the years.

  • Bonus #1: Four powerful PDF guides to the archetypes

In the training, you will find four powerful PDF files, with a clear overview of each of the archetypes. These have been super popular, and are great for printing out for reference.

  • Bonus #2: Three archetypal Self-Assessment Tools

In order to help you really discover your access to the four masculine archetypes, you will receive several self-assessment tools.

Never expected to find this level of power and mystery in an online training. Absolutely life changing. Make sure to do it with a friend!

Paul Steinbrecher


This UIMA work has given revelation after revelation. I see myself in the teachings, but this time—with a deeper degree of self-awareness and hope than ever before. I also have greater clarity and understanding about what's happening in many aspects of our society. It is massively empowering.

Brian Roes


The structure of the training and the down-to-earth presentation of advanced topics worked really well for me, and the integration week helped me adopt new and positive performance habits that are with me to this day.

Paul O'Brien


If this is the right training for you,

I cannot wait to see you inside.

Yes, Eivind, I know your reputation for creating powerful trainings and trust that this 6-week online course will be delivered to my liking.

I understand I get lifetime access to it and that if I don't enjoy the training, I will get 100% of my money back.

Good to go?

Yes please, I want to register for

The Ultimate Intro to Masculine Archetypes



Thank you!

It will be my great pleasure and honor to serve you on this journey, and I feel privileged to be playing a central role in helping move men's work further into the mainstream.

Thank you, and have an amazing day.

Eivind Figenschau Skjellum

Reclaim your Inner Throne Founder

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